Biomolecular Engineering

Director: Prajna Dhar, Ph.D.

Biomolecular engineering research integrates the fundamentals of biology, chemistry and mathematics with engineering problem-solving methods to prepare students for careers in industry, academia and public service. Program faculty solve biological problems to increase understanding of a variety of biological systems.

Chemical and biological systems are studied to ultimately provide solutions—in the form of measurement of properties and function, imaging, diagnosis or therapeutics. Research in this area involves collaborations among engineers, biological scientists, chemists, physicians and pharmaceutical scientists in industry, academia, surgery and clinical settings.

Students in this track use a core background of mathematics, basic sciences and therapeutics and engineering courses to conduct interdisciplinary research. Elective courses are selected to prepare each student for their unique problem in such areas as drug design or development, biological materials design, characterization of cellular function or malfunction, transport in biological systems or analysis of complex data.